Declared: Almost 90% of urban areas in Europe have Reached Critical Levels of Air Pollution

Up to 57,000 microparticles / cm 3 Rome & Urbanized Areas …

The air you breathe while driving your car is the air that comes into your car’s interior through windows, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

If you drive with windows rolled up – the air quality is even worse. Roadside air – especially along busy roads, highways and during peek hours, contain high levels of pollen, dust, soot and smog, whose harmful effects are well documented. And children with “young lungs” are more sensitive to the effects of air pollution than adults.

You Expose Your Child 10 Times More To Poisonous Air In Your Car Than Walking Outside

So if you are taking the kids to school or sports, and your car windows are rolled up, the cabin air is worse than the air outside – especially in heavy traffic.Children sitting in the backseat of vehicles are likely to be exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution.

Your children are sitting in a trap – the car is a box collecting toxic gases from all the vehicles around you

Children are more vulnerable than adults, because air pollution can stunt the growing of their lungs and because it increases the risk of sensitisation leading to respiratory problems.

Walking or cycling are better when possible, to reduce pollution exposure in cars and to increase physical exercise. But parents are confused at the moment because they think there is less pollution in cars than outside, which is not the case!

You Stop Breathing Properly While Driving! But You Cannot Go Without Your Car …

There is a decision that has been proved recently to work! Even if your car is not expensive – you can afford it for less money. It is called IonMaster™ and is a small gadget that simply transforms POLLUTED Air into FRESH! IonMaster™ is a system, based on Ion Technology that neutralizes bad particles in the air leaving the cabin environment healthy. Designed to protect all passengers from breathing in dirty air inside a vehicle, it is no longer a privilege to premium class cars only. Recently the highest–class automobile brands are equiped with such a system that is sold from brand dealers as an expensive extra for thousands of extra money.

Now if you do not have a lot of money and do not possess a premium class vehicle, you can also afford to breathe fresh air in your car for nearly no money.

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99.9% of Harmful Particles Are Removed With Ion Master™ - check the video

Trials have shown that IonMaster Can cut the harmful NO2 gas inside cars by up to 90%.

Norwegian research shows that If you're inside a car, you'll get some protection from the filters in your ventilation system. The ventilation system can help protect you from particulate matter and dust. But that system can’t protect you from NO2, which is a gas. That means you are equally at risk of breathing NO2 while in your car as you are out on your bike, international research shows.

Unhealthy Air Is Transformed Into Healthy?

The secret is in the principal of working. IonMaster™ charges the oxygen in your car and delivers 3 800 000 pcs/cm negative ions. While other purifiers simply cover up smells, IonMaster™ has a massive air purifying power. It releases a stream of negative ions that neutralize unpleasant odors and remove smoke, dust, or pollutants.

It is small, compact and easy to use. IonMaster™ is functional. It doesn’t require any maintenance, plugged easily into the lighter. Now IonMaster™ comes at a super affordable price.

You don’t have to pay thousands of money for built-in filters and fans that are easily broken to keep the air in your car pure and clean.

Why IonMaster Saves You Money and Your Health:

  • Neutrolizes Bad Particles
  • Maintains odor-free & healthy space
  • Works in a silent mode
  • Small & Easy switch on
  • Comes at a very low price

The Only Device, Proved to Trap The Smallest Particle & Dust …

IonMaster™ is designed to protect all passengers from breathing in dirty air inside a vehicle. After plugging IonMaster™ into the power outlet, it begins to charge the oxygen in your car. Thus negative ions neutralize unhelathy air. The produced anions absorb every toxic particle, dust, smoke, pollutants or other undesirable molecules. The reason is the atoms of the pollutants become heavier than air and fall to the surface.

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  • IonMaster™ is small, easy to use and cheap. It has compact and elegant design and is easily put into the lighter’s hole to keep you off polluted air, bad particles and odors …
  • Ion Master™ is an Affordable Extra to Every Car. The price for this extra varies between 800-1200 EUR in high class automobile brands...
  • Ion Master™ has very impressive statistics with a removal rate of harmful particles of 99.9% and producing a staggering 3 800 000 pcs/cm negative ions.

Want to drive in a fresher and healthier car?

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Rose Blunt

Thank you for the great article. Now I know what to get my sister for her birthday! She smokes and her car always smells terrible. This is the perfect gift for her!

Jonathan Davis

At first my wife got IonMaster but after I saw the results, I decided to get one for me too. Definitely the air in my car feels cleaner than before and I no longer cough because of the bad micro particles inside.

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Compact. Lightweight. With attractive design. Portable. And most importantly, WORKING!

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Amazing product. Sometimes I get worried that my kids are not really protected from bad air even in the car. But once I bought IonMaster, things changed. The air is fresher and lighter. IonMaster cleans the air perfectly!

Eddy Shipman

No need for refillers or filters. IonMaster works smoothly and cleans the air in an instant. I definitely recommend it to anyone who cares about healthy air in their cars!

Clara Bow

I bought this because my boyfriend sometimes smokes in my car when we go places. It's a very decent product. I like it!

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I've had it for months now and see great difference from before. No dust in the car, no bad smell, no microbs! IonMaster is great!